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Dante Steel Knight- Cowgirl Cadillacs


Consigned to Cowgirl Cadillacs in Sheridan, WY. Sales June 14-15th. You can bid online, phone bid or bid in person!
Have you been waiting for a knight in shining armor to sweep you away? DANTE STEEL KNIGHT is what you have been waiting for! With a unique roan/appaloosa coat, fluffy feathered legs, poofy mane and tail, loving personality and a heart of gold, even the medieval era did not have a knight like this!!! Over the last year with us Dante has stole the hearts of our little girls! He is Mr. Personality and Mr. Patient! He loves attention and grooming or anything that involves interacting with people! Dante is a well built 15hh, 5 year old, Appaloosa colored, registered Gypsy Vanner gelding! He has a smooth jog, a very nice lope, he reins around and turns a circle both ways, sides passes and backs with ease! Dante knows a trick or two as he lays down for mounting/dismounting. No wonder people love gypsies; their popularity is driven by their versatility and calm nature! Dante is a true ambassador of breed. Dante can go out and ease down the trails. He will cross deep water, rough rocky areas, scale steep slopes and pick his way over deadfall, all while keeping his rider safe! He has been used around the ranch to check cattle, sort pairs and he has roped/doctored calves as well. We have had him down the highways, through town and he is safe around all traffic.
He has seen the bright lights and heard the loud speakers as we had Dante in a Christmas play called “Journey Through Bethlehem” which had around 250 actors in it. Dante was ridden as a roman soldier’s horse, for several hours, as he walked up/down rows of car loads of people. Of course folks were taking pictures and reaching out their windows to pet him. Over the 2 nights approximately 8000 cars drove through the “live nativity scene”. We have tested Dante in every way that we know how and he has passed every single test with nothing less than a perfect score! He has shown us that any age and any ability level can enjoy him. If you have been waiting for your knight in shining armor to arrive… HE IS HERE!!! Call 606-308-2461 for more info.

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