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Patriot is a VERY stout built Black Tobiano Registered Gypsy Vanner Gelding, standing 15hh and weighing 1150lbs. He is 11 years old, has all of the life experiences that you’d expect a good horse to have but he’s young enough to go do it over again with his new family! With his personality, calmness, steadyness, oh and don’t forget about that LOOK… he is certainly a once in a lifetime horse! Patriot has a super thick mane, a big ol bushy tail and upto 12” of feathering on his legs… He looks like he is straight out of a Fairy Tail!!! Since owning him Sadie(10 years old, seen in part of the video) has trail ridden him and hes been her go to horse! Patriot checks every box that you can think of… if you want to ride western, he will ride off of leg pressure and neckrein around, if you want to go jump english, he will do that, if you want to ride in a parade, hes been there and done that, if you want to go chase cows just point him in the direction, if you need a babysetter for an hour, just throw the kids on and let them enjoy, if you need a horse to entertain kids at a birthday party, forget hiring a clown Patriot is much more entertaining…… you can not find a thing that Patriot won’t do or a place that he won’t go safely! Patriot is the perfect horse for the whole family from the youngest to the oldest, everyone will love and enoy him!  He has a very soft and easy lope, a nice jog but will walk slow and low headed as long as you like! He is a confident horse that is not spooky around anything or any situation whether you are riding down main street or cruising down the trails and he is as close to bombproof as you’ll see. He has been camping in several states. He has been used around cows from roping and dragging cows to checking… Not only will he ride western, he rides bareback (even double) and he will also go english and has been started on jumps. Patriot loves attention in any form that he can get it whether that be brushing or bathing and has a ton of personality! He has been ridden around farm equipment, ATV’s, over large noisy tarps and has also had guns shot off of his back. No matter where he goes or what he does, He is not spooky acting. He has been exposed to all kinds of wildlife such as deer or turkey or other animals like cows or dogs and will go anywhere that he is asked too. He has been rode many miles in the mountains of Kentucky and encountered every obstacle possible on the trail. He will go up or down even the steepest slopes, across deep creeks, over downed trees, and over all types of rough terrain while still being sure footed. Feel free to Eric with any questions at 606-308-2461.

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