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Dirt Road Drifter

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The Gold Thief

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Carbon's Grey Son

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Dudes Sumer Delight

Hey Eric, I wanted to let you know that you old Dude is now Ervins Thunderstorm. He is doing very well! We just love him so much and thank you for matching him to us! We just went on your website to show some friends your horses so we are spreading the word that your horses are every bit as good as you say they are and you are 100% upfront and honest! Have a great day and hope you all have much continued sucsess!

Thanks, Michelle

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White Rush

Hey Eric, Jason and Roy, White Rush is now known as Rebel. He is doing very well and I have enjoyed riding him! I know you all had him on the GPS at over 30mph but I don’t have as much nerve as Jason and I have been taking him slow just 20ish mph. But I have had several good rides on him seeing deer, dogs, cats, cattle, cars, ect… and nothing phases him. You all sold me my other speed racking horse many years ago and now that I have retired him, you have fixed me up once again! Thanks crew!

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Charm Star

Hey Eric, This is Susan Saltrick, I purchased Charm TWH from you in January, LOVE HIM! Now since the weather has finally gotten nice we have been hitting the trails couple times a week.

Thanks so much,
Susan Saltrick

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Papa Framed Me

Hi Eric,

It was hard to keep Papa a secret but the surprise went off well. Papa arrived to us here in Washington state and what a wonderful, kind pony he is. Quite the little gentleman. Perfect size at just 14 hands tall. We ABSOLUTELY LOVE this pony. He is ONE IN A MILLION! And what a striking color, BAY OVERO. We searched high and low for a gaited pony for my 7 year old grandson Logan who has very little riding experience. A pony that he could ride as well as handle and go with us down the trail safely. When I saw Papa on your web-site I new he was the one. We purchased our two other geldings from you and I am so happy to have been able to make this our third. You are very easy to work with and take care everything from your end. We bought Papa sight unseen as we did our palomino Trigger. And as you know I am absolutely in LOVE with my gelding Painter who came from you also. Papa is all you said he would be and more. Everyone I talk to I send your way for a good looking, safe, gaited horse that is a pleasure to own and ride.

Thanks again!

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Flashy Walker

Eric- Once again, We love Flash! He is doing great and the whole family is having a blast on your horses. Thanks again!


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Whiskey River

Hi! I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the horse (Whiskey) I purchased from you. He is an awesome trail horse and will go anywhere I point him. I have had him on some very rough trails and he takes excellent care of me. He does great when I ride out alone or with a group. He has nice manners and always greets me at the gate. He is a very special horse and just perfect for me.
We enjoyed meeting you, Jason, your dad and daughter. You have a beautiful place. I didn’t choose the horse that I came to see, so it was wonderful that you had selected others for me to ride. I knew Whiskey was the best choice for me and I am so happy with him. Thanks for making the process so easy and enjoyable.

Lynne & Pete Barnes, SC

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Rhinestone Cowboy

Well its been a long time coming… I LOVE my Cowboy! I have had him on a bunch of rides but most recently We went to a private place camping on the New River in Ivanhoe VA. my favorite place so far. We had to cross a 780 ft. RR trussel 200ft above the river. COWBOY was the only horse including a mule that would cross it with a rider on his back… me! I have never been so scared in my life. He never took a wrong step. Everyone else got off their horse and mule. Then he went through a pitch black RR tunnel and never spooked. He was also the only one that went back across the trussel. I wouldn’t take a million bucks for him. He is super smooth and lets anyone ride him! He has got the look and perfect gait that I wanted. I wish I would have had time to come up and meet you but with as good of a job as you do matching customers and horses over the phone, their is no way I could have picked a better one than you did for me! Thanks MJ- Georgia


Go Big Blue

Hi Eric,
I’m Rick Goings and Calvin Lewis manages our stable at Eagle Hill Farm.
Firstly, let me express what a keen eye you must have for selecting solid trail horses. Each of the 5 we got from you are simply terrific! We can put riders of all experience levels on them. Certainly we want “calm and quiet” for the new riders. But even when the better riders want a “go horse” they find our horses quickly shift from “pony ride to porsche” and they are galloping as fast as they would ever want to go, yet the horses quickly slow back down to kiddy mode when asked.
Blue is my ride and Calvin and I allow no one else to ride him. Calvin really liked his look and ride when he saw him on your farm. Calvin had me ride only him and he taught me Blue’s cues and if you use the lightest finger touch he preforms like no other. We have bonded and no matter what happens around us…deer, fox, groundhogs, mowers, etc he is solid and trusts me to take care of him just as I trust him to take care of me.
He is the most naturally gaited horse I have ever ridden, as well. He moves from a walk right into a soft gait so easy you could sip coffee in an open cup while you rode. I have never had a horse or ride that compares to Blue. He is sweet, too and will follow me around the stable (maybe the carrots?)
So Eric again, we think the world of the work you do! It’s a tribute to your Dad, I would imagine.

Rick Goings- CEO Tupperware Company


LaBronze Buck

Hello Eric,
After 6 plus months of glorious ownership of my horse La Bronze aka Bucko, I want to extend my deepest appreciation to your expert listening skill, horsemanship and match-making ability that assisted me with a sight-unseen purchase!
You sold me my “perfect” riding companion after I explained to you the bad experience I had with the first horse I owned. You clearly listened to my needs/desires and mastered an absolutely perfect fit. La Bronze is everything you described and more. You focused on my safety and his training for my intended use on trails, combined with my riding level and age. You didn’t however give him enough credit for being so cute, attentive, and fun! He also gets along fabulously with all other horses, dogs and people. I have made so many friends that ask me if they can ride him that there aren’t enough days in the week to accommodate all of them.
In a market and industry that is sometimes known for its dishonesty and “buyer beware” attitude to horse buyers, YOU have exhibited the opposite behavior with your stellar integrity, honorability and the highest level of scruples. I couldn’t count myself luckier!
I will be forever grateful that you fulfilled my dreams of owning the “perfect” horse for me.
Thank you so very very much.
Joan Gianatasio-California

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Mack's Dusty Gold

Hi Eric-

Tim is off pig hunting with a friend, and his new Aussie saddle (sized for Dusty and for him) just arrived. I went out this morning to see how it fit Dusty. I took him for about an hour ride, and am so pleased with him. We had only ridden him a little in a fairly small pasture, and maybe for 30 minutes a couple of times, the last time about 10 days ago. Today I went out, alone, across fields he hadn’t been in, up and down hills, through woods, down a country road (car and ATV went past), and into our farm where the pole barn is going up. His two field buddies (2 quarter horses of my neighbors where our horses are until our barn and fencing gets done) were whinnying and galloping in their field when we took off, but Dusty, ever the gentleman, ignored them and took care of me. At our farm, we met the construction crew, crossed the trench for the electric line and the trench for the water line EXACTLY where I asked him to put his feet (about a 4 ft area that was filled in), through more fields, passed 2 big tractors (not running but they might still be seen as a monster by some horses). And, it was a fairly windy day…. and there are a ton of deer and critters in the woods banging around. He was very good. I consider his performance just wonderful. We walked and did some gaiting, and I got a really lovely, smooth relaxed gait from him. Please tell me you have a clone of him for me in your barn, as Tim is adamant that Dusty is HIS horse……

Warm regards,

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Peyton's Champ

Dear Eric- Just a quick note to let you know how happy we are with all three horses that we got from you . They are EXACTLY as you described, and have only gotten better to ride over the summer. Plus, they have wonderful ground manners – the farrier, dentist, and vet all think they are great. Our big dog comes along on most trail rides, and they all get along with her just fine, which we really appreciate.

Dusty, our buckskin Mountain horse, is nominally Tim’s, although I ride him as well. His gait is super smooth, and our neighbor is most envious of Tim’s “Cadillac ride.” Dusty is a fun ride, with enough spirit and get-up-and-go to keep Tim happy, yet feeling perfectly safe. And we love his rocking chair canter, too.

Champ, the spotted saddle horse, is just a doll – I love his affectionate personality. He’s steady and reliable on the trails, and an easy ride. I also trust him for guests to ride – he took good care of Tim’s daughter on a trail ride, and gave pony rides to our 3 yr old grandson.

And then there is Maggie (the black mare formerly known as “Queen Elizabeth” – couldn’t have 2 Elizabeth’s in the barn, so we thought we’d name her Maggie, after (1) Maggie Smith, former British Prime Minister, (2) that quintessential southern flower, the Magnolia, and (3) the actress Maggie Smith, whom we think she resembles ……) I am so glad I asked if you might ever have a mare with the same great qualities as your geldings (I have a 16 yr old mare who needed a pasture buddy, and I really like mares to ride), and you said that you did just happen to have one “in your backyard” – Maggie is a super ride, calm, steady, and very smooth. Tim and I both ride her (Tim when I am riding my big old girl), and I’m sure she’ll take care of any guest rider as well.

We brag on you all the time, and hope that a few of the folks we have mentioned you to decide to contact you when they are in the market for trail partners in the future….

Warmest regards, Elizabeth and Tim Kelly, TN


Gunner, Eclipse and Joker

Hey, sorry it’s taken me so long to write you a testimonial……
Eric, thanks so much for three wonderful horses!!!!! They are awesome on the trail. My grandson rides double with me sometimes and none of the horses mind at all. We have been camping with them three times and they are truly awesome anywhere we ride……steep climbs and descents, rocky, muddy trail, crossing creeks. We appreciate your patience in helping and your knowledge in matching us with the right horses for us.
Thanks again!
Beth and Hoyt Coker- GA