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Rawhide Blue Snip


Rawhide Blue Snip is a 15.2h, 1300lb, 2014 Model Reg AQHA Gelding that is a true blue roan! We bought Blue last Winter from a friend of ours and we have done a little bit of everything with him. We have hauled him to team sortings and won some good money on him, hauled him to jobs catching wild cattle, you can haul him to a jackpot and rope on the head side with him. In the arena or in pasture he will lock down and trail a cow. We have doctored sick ones off of him as well and he will hold one while you take care of business. Blue has had 90 days of reining training and will spin both ways and has a big stop. He will open/shut gates, backs with ease, takes his leads and lopes nice small circles. We have had him trail riding in several states from Missouri to Texas and throughout Kentucky. There is not a place that he can’t climb and if it’s too steep to walk down he will set down and slide. He is a real deal go anywhere trail horse, cross deadfall, though deep water, boggy mud, slick rocky terrain, none of that bothers him! He will always ride the trails on a loose rein and doesn’t care if he is the leader or following. Blue rides out alone with no issues. He is safe around traffic, ATVs, Skidsteers and farm machinery. He does not crib, is not cold back and is not cinchy. Blue is a great horse for you to take home and use in the roping pen, out on the ranch or just take on a trail ride. He is currently located in Mt. Vernon, KY. If you have any questions Call Eric 606-308-2461

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