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Enchanted Forest Gypsies Lord Donovan


Don’t tell Breyer but one of their model horses came to life!!! Enchanted Forest Gypsies Lord Donovan is a stout built 15hh, coming 5-year-old, Bay Tobiano Gelding that is a registered with the Gypsy Horse Association! Don is one friendly rascal! He has lots of personality and he loves attention. He was bred and raised by a good friend of mine and Don has been ridden by every member of his family! Kids as young as 3 have ridden Don and even 3 at a time have ridden him as well. The kids have ridden him to school, right down the main highway with no issues. He is one gentle rascal! He is great on trails and handles all terrains. Steep slopes, rough, rocky areas, boggy mud, deadfall… he handles it all with ease. We have had my 5- and 11-year-old daughters riding him out on the trails and around the ranch, he always heads out slow and easy and returns them back home safely. He has been used on the ranch to herd and sort pairs plus we have penned cattle at the stockyards on him. Don is a laid-back type of horse with more whoa than go, and any level of rider will get along with him just fine! He has a very smooth jog, takes his leads in an easy to set lope, spins a circle both ways, has BIG slide stop, sidepasses to open/shut gates and backs with ease. Don has seen it all from deer to turkey and of course he is used to the dogs running around. Don is the same horse whether ridden daily or even if he is left in the pasture for an extended period of time. He has no vices; we trust him 100% and we are sure that your family will love and enjoy him just as much as we have! Feel free to call Eric with any questions at 606-308-2461.

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