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5-White Rock Cutting Saddle


This White Rock Cutting Saddle is built on a Hadlock Brand, Buster Welch Tree, that carries a 5 year tree warranty, with Herman Oak leather, it comes standard with rawhide wrapped stirrups (pictured with Nettles stirrups $125 up-charge). It has a 9 inch front swell height, 13 inch width, 3 inch cantel and is a full quarter horse bar width. This saddle features a Snake Border on rich dark oiled leather with smooth jockey and fenders. These saddles known as “cutters” are some of the most versatile in the industry and are used for Trails, Ranch, Team Sorting, Cutting and other disciplines as well. These trees fit a wide variety of horses from Quarter Horses to Draftcrosses to Gaited Horses. We have 15″, 16″ and 17″ in stock ready to ship!

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