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Yukon- Consigned Cowgirl Cadillacs Feb 23-24th

Yukon is consigned to The Cowgirls Cadillacs Sale on February 23-24th in Wickenburg, AZ. You can bid in person or bid online. Come to the sale to see the horses or come prior to the sale and meet them in Mt. Vernon, KY.
This is not the standard model this is the Yukon XL… Yukon is a well built 6 year old, Blue Roan Draftcross Gelding. Yukon has completed our natural horsemanship program. He is very friendly and respectful enough that the little ones can catch him, lead him around and handle him in anyway! He is trained to lay down and set. We have had him trail riding in several states from Missouri to Virginia. He handles all terrains on the trails, from steep slopes to rough rocky areas. Yukon has been though it all and carried our girls safely everytime. He is very laid back, slow and easy! The kids have ridden him around the ranch, checked cattle on him and he has been used to drag calves as well. He has seen the bright lights, heard the loud speakers and the roar of the crowd at the rodeo while shagging bulls from the arena and has carried the American Flag at the Grand Entry. Yukon is always level headed and will be gentle enough for any level of rider! He has a smooth jog, takes his leads and will lope as soft and slow as horses half his size! He has a good stop, sidepasses to open/shut gates and backs with ease. Yukon has been exposed to all kinds of wildlife, he has been used in the mountains for hunting and has packed game. He is the same horse whether ridden daily or even if he is left in the pasture for an extended period of time. He is the type of horse that the whole family will love and will have fun on, with no worries! Feel free to call with any questions at 606-308-2461.

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